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"The primary object in chiropractic is to remove irritation to the nervous system by securing normal structural relationships."

F. P. DeGiacomo

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Impulse Therapy

Impulse Adjusting: Adjusting instruments have been developed to provide a mechanical advantage for more efficient, less forceful manual adjustments. These instruments have added several layers of advancement in basic chiropractic care. Top benefits of adding this treatment? Here are a few:

  • Easier on the patient: Using the instruments extreme speed and lower forces generated, the adjustments are easier, meaning less muscle soreness, less pain during treatment or afterward.
  • Allows for treatments for patients that usually could not be treated with manual manipulation. The instruments speed and adjustable force enables patients with complications to receive helpful treatment
  • Safer adjustments for elderly or patients suffering from osteoporosis, dizziness, signs of cerebrovascular disease. Low force instrument adjusting can be delivered in prone neutral position, enabling restricted patients alternative treatments.

With a myriad of setting options on the instrument, treatments can be tailored to the patient and patient needs precisely and efficiently. Offering this type of treatment to our patients is just one of the ways that we at Chiropractic Wellness Center put your care first.