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"The primary object in chiropractic is to remove irritation to the nervous system by securing normal structural relationships."

F. P. DeGiacomo

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Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) began use in the late 1960's with low-powered laser beams that produced non-thermal effects on human tissue. The first reported case involved slow healing ulcers.

Today, LLLT is used on multiple types of therapy. An example of how it works involves soft tissue trauma. These types of injuries consist of damage to deep, sensitive layers of tissue beneath the epidermis, including muscular, neural, lymphatic, and vascular tissues. The human body reacts to this soft tissue trauma by "splinting" the injury with edema, a thin or watery fluid in tissue space or cell interstices. However, excess edema causes swelling that inhibits movement of the damaged tissue. These injuries result in two types of pain - traumatic pain from the injury and pain from the swelling.